Collecting Gift Cards for Hurricane Relief During UNC-Duke Game Watch; Also Accepting Donations Online

Diapers, Food, Fuel, a Front Door …

Gift cards offer hurricane survivors an opportunity to have some control over their choice of necessities. Help them by donating cards during the UNC-Duke game watch Nov. 10.


The flooding following Hurricane Florence devastated large swaths of southeastern North Carolina. Lives were lost. Homes were lost. Communities were virtually cut off from the outside world. Now running water, electricity and passable roads are back, but a lot of people still do not have homes they can actually live in, and most did not have flood insurance. Shelters remain in use while families wait for FEMA trailers or try to repair their homes.

Multiple relief agencies are assisting including the American Red Cross and the N.C. Disaster Relief Fund, but the need is great. We as a group can help in a practical and hands-on way by collecting gift cards to help people buy food, fuel and other necessities. The N.C. Conference Disaster Response for the United Methodist Church is collecting gift cards to distribute to displaced families.

Ann Huffman, NCCUMC Volunteer/Disaster Readiness coordinator, wrote: “These cards will provide vital resources for individuals and families, many of whom evacuated their homes with only minutes grabbing what they valued most. As shelters close and people move to transitional shelter in hotel rooms, they must spend their meager funds on food instead of rebuilding their homes. Gift cards will make possible meals, toiletries, rent, utilities, diapers, baby formula, gasoline.”

The Seattle Carolina Club will accept gift card donations Nov. 10 in conjunction with the UNC-Duke football game-watch party at Belltown Pub. Preferred gift cards for the region include WalMart, Visa, MasterCard and fuel cards. For UNC alumni and friends who cannot attend the game watch, an online donation form created by the UNC GAA is an option. Funds will be sent to NCCUMC, which will determine the most needed gift cards.

Go Heels!


November 10, 2018
2322 1st Ave., Seattle WA 98121